Boca Raton Flex on the Beach

December 6th, 2014

Flex so hard.  Flex Events.

Flex so hard. Flex Events.


The Event

Flex brings it’s wildly popular team event series to Boca Raton for the first annual Flex On The Beach-Boca followed by the Famous Flex Bar Crawl!

Teams of 4 compete on the beach Saturday, 6 December 2014. Each team consists of 2 men and 2 women.

Team registration is simple. We don’t require detailed information about all 4 team members. All we need is the Team Captain’s information…and payment, of course. You can tell us about team members later.



The Workouts

We use a rotating format from all Flex On The Beach Events where athletes judge each other as teams move through the WODs. Athletes love the consistent judging and reduced down time between efforts.

There is a Championship WOD and podium finishers for Rx and Scaled Divisions.

Flex Events Programming will always be neutral to any athlete type. What that means is that our programming will always be diverse enough to provide everyone an opportunity to express their strengths and at the same time have their weaknesses exposed. We do not program for strength bias, gymnastics bias, or metcon bias like many competitions do. The team that wins a Flex Events competition will be well rounded and highly skilled.

The WODs

The Complex – Heavy Weight and Medium Skill

The complex will always be a heavy barbell movement that incorporates some skill. In the past we have done 1RM Bear Complex, A Hang Clean to Over Head Complex, and we have even split teams in half and asked for 10RM Hang Clean from half the team, and a 3RM Hang Clean from the other half. Our Complex workout station is unpredictable, fun, demanding, and favors the bigger, stronger, more skilled athlete.

The Metcon – Light Weight and Low Skill

We will always have a workout that tests your sheer will, ability, and desire to keep moving. The Metcon
workout is typically relatively low skill with weight light enough that the athletes who are willing to push through the pain will find glory. This workout though low skill and usually relatively short duration will always have at least one element in it that separates our teams. It’s long enough to let the cream rise to the top, but short enough that it does not destroy our athletes for the rest of the day.

The Gymnasty Combo – Moderate Weight and High Skill

Flex Events owns the largest portable, free standing pull up rig you have ever seen. At 60 feet long and 12 feet high, we have bars for pullups, bar muscle ups, ring dips, ring muscle ups, rope climbs, and any other hanging movement you can think of. We love to couple these movements with burners so that the more diversely skilled athlete has an opportunity to express his or her fitness in an exciting visually stimulating race to the finish. Pull-Ups or Chest to Bar Pull-Ups might not sound that difficult on paper,
but when you do them with your heart rate already up around 150 Beats Per Minute, and couple them with moderate weight movements, it adds a spicy flavor to the WOD.

The Final – Heavy Weight, High Skill, Test of Will, All Bets Are Off!

The Final is an intense combination of skills not performed throughout the day. Our finals are hard, fast, and exciting to watch. We bring in our own judges for the final and our top 5 Rx and Scaled teams have a chance to throw down at the top of their skill sets. Movements like Pistols, Muscle-Ups, Heavy Lifts, Triple Unders and more are well within our programming during the final. If you make it to the final be ready to earn your prizes!

Which Division Should We Register For?

If you are concerned about registering as an Rx team we suggest registering in the scaled division.

If you are a scaled athlete it’s important to remember we will scale any movement in the competition so you can participate. Your team won’t be eligible to win, but we want athletes of ALL abilities to enjoy our competitions.


The Standard

All Flex events use what we call “athlete judging”. Athletes competing in the event judge each other to ensure standards are consistently met throughout the day. Feedback from our 2013 event was outstanding with many athletes saying they were better judged, more engaged and had more fun than at any other functional fitness event.


The Venue

Flex Boca will be held at The Mizner Park Amphitheater. WODs will take place on the stage and surrounding area.


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