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Benefits of HIIT

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Exercises like HIIT (high intensity interval training) are ever growing in today’s modern fitness world. The base of followers surrounding it are growing vastly as well, becoming a popular fitness trend for people of all ages. HIIT classes holds many benefits for those who belong to one of these gyms or engage in related exercises. It benefits its followers not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. HIIT creates a different kind of workout environment that is taking the world by storm.

High Intensity and Time Efficient

HIIT exercises involves workouts that are very high intensity and generally involve having you complete as many sets or reps of a certain movement as you can in a designated amount of time, forcing you to push yourself to the limit. With this, your workout will be condensed in time in comparison to a workout at a regular gym. With limited rest time and high intensity movements you will burn as many calories as you would as if you were engaging in a workout for double the amount of time at a regular gym.

Dynamic Workouts that Benefit Heart Health

A typical HIIT workout varies as far the activities that you will engage in during a normal class. It combines a mix of different exercises that engages nearly all major muscle groups in your body. These classes allow you to stay interested and keep you on your toes as they are everchanging and always forcing you to push yourself to your full limits. With you pushing yourself constantly through each workout, it allows your heart rate to stay elevated through the duration of a workout. This ultimately increases your endurance level and improves overall heart health.

Sense of Community

HIIT classes encourage a community feel in every session. Not only do you attend to get a killer workout, but you build relationships with those around you. Opposed to normal gyms that are just a collection of random people doing their own different workouts, a HIIT class consists of people who are all there to reach the same goal which is to get in shape and be fit. Everyone encourages each other to get through each workout and every person works together to accomplish the exercises as a group. Friendships are formed at HIIT classes and new healthy lifestyle habits form the more you are surrounded by these positive influences.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Gyms

Being involved in HIIT classes allow a person to develop healthy lifestyle habits, increase their overall fitness level, and form life-lasting relationships within this fitness community. This type of exercise truly stands apart from average gyms where you go, pop in your headphones, do a few exercises and go home. HIIT is an opportunity to become the healthiest person you have ever been through a series of full body exercises each class. It will also allow you to fall into a community of great, likeminded people that will make you not want to go back to traditional gyms. HIIT is the future of exercise, so come and join the trend and live a healthier, happier life!

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