Flex Events

About Flex Events

Flex Events was created to bring together people who want to share their love of fitness, health and an active lifestyle.

The company holds functional fitness competitions around the country to find the fittest teams in the nation. Our events provide the fittest athletes with a forum to distinguish themselves through outstanding performances during competition.

While competition is a key element of all Flex Events, our primary focus is and always will be community. We give people a way to celebrate their pursuit of fitness and make new friends at the same time. Essentially, this is a culture and lifestyle.
Flex Events is committed to providing a memorable and long lasting experience for the athletes, sponsors, vendors and spectators who wish to be part of this culture.

The Events
All Flex Events are functional fitness fitness competitions that include weightlifting, gymnastics, running and endurance. Great music, motivational masters of ceremony, safe workout and party atmosphere.


THE RX DIVISION is for top athletes who want to put their fitness to the ultimate test.
THE SCALED DIVISION is for all other competitors.

Unlike other fitness competitions, we use “rotating stations” throughout the day. This means that athletes compete simultaneously in different tests of fitness, rather than all competing in the same workout at once and then moving on to the next one. This creates a festival like atmosphere with athletes and spectators constantly moving from place to place giving maximum exposure to our vendors.

We use what we call a “peer judging system,” where our competitors are also used to judge each other to ensure that standards are consistently met throughout the day. Feedback we have received from the events we have held to date tells us that athletes feel they were better judged, more engaged and had more fun at Flex Events than at other fitness events using volunteer judges.

Additionally, the relationships that are built by using peer judges are impossible to forge when using volunteer judges.
Teams are comprised of two men and two women without any consideration for age.

The Hosts


FLEX HQ Event Director | Level 2 CrossFit Coach

James has recently spent the last year and half in the Middle East assisting a high level company open multiple affiliates and organizing and announcing big budget events. Most notably “The Battle of the East” (Kuwait) “The Athlete Games” (London)
Prior to his stint overseas James was was a head coach and manager for two CF locations in NYC where he makes his mark in the CrossFit community. He has spent 15 years in the fitness industry with experience in roles such as management, ownership, sales, employee training / development and event planning.
After spending a large portion of his career in the corporate fitness world, James finally found his calling when he walked into CrossFit Garden City in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the sport. The camaraderie and community is what drove James to shift his career. After participating in a few competitions he gradually realized he was on the wrong side of the competition floor.
Although he loved to compete, the opportunity to provide a platform such as FLEX for affiliates and athletes to come together and celebrate their fitness journeys is what has become his ultimate passion.
“This isn’t a job of any sorts. I really feel this is a true calling”. James firmly believes he can make a greater impact to the entire community by putting on quality events with a commitment to community and excellence. “Putting together a really good show is all about preparation and attention to detail. Structure, safety and of course having a great team is my plan to helping us be successful.
Creating a spectator friendly enviroment is very important to us. At the end of the day, we want to introduce our sport to new fans and be able to do our part in helping it grow. I want affiliates to trust in our brand that we will always keep their athletes safe as well as provide them a place where they can compete, have a blast, network with other brands, gyms and spend an incredible day with their respective communities. This will just make the entire community that much stronger.”
James is looking forward to continuing the momentum and growth of FLEX Events.
“The ultimate goal, when it is all said and done is to have as much fun as we can”

Jim Lorenzo

Founder of Flex Events and Career Event Planner

Jim Lorenzo has been producing events since he was a teenager in the 1970’s. He has produced events that were attended by as many as 30,000 people for companies like Harley Davidson, Roger Penske Racing, The Indy 500, and Phillip Morris, to name just a few. Additionally, Jim managed the roll-out of Beach Tennis USA in North America and produced the first-ever beach tennis events in the U.S., Bermuda, China, Japan and several other countries. His atten-tion to detail makes Flex Events an unparalleled environment for CrossFit athletes. Jim makes sure the lanes are lined straight, the vendor supplies are as needed, the equipment is delivered and built, and the event flows smoothly. His expertise in event planning and execution has been refined over decades and is unmatched in the fitness event landscape. Jim’s execution, logistics and attention to detail, paired with Sean’s vision, make every Flex Event a time not to be missed.

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