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Avoiding Injuries

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How to Maintain your Workouts without Injury

Every athlete fears the dreaded injury. It happens to the best of us, especially since we are putting our bodies in situations that cause constant fatigue and stress. At Flex Events, one of our top priorities is the safety of our participants so every athlete can participate injury free and have fun! The safety of our athletes is even more important while training for our Flex events.

Warm Up

While some regard warm ups as unnecessary and often pay little attention to them, exercising with cold muscles can damage them beyond repair. By increasing blood flow and body temperature, you are getting your body ready to endure the stress you are going to put it under.

Cross Train

Since our Flex Events, Flex on the Mall and Flex on the Beach, incorporate multiple different tests of fitness and agility, your body will thank you if you cross train. This means changing up your workout routine and training a variety of workout styles. By varying your workouts, your body will be stronger overall and well prepared for the Flex Events. Even workouts that are not included in the Flex Events, like yoga or Pilates, are important in building the strongest athlete you can possibly be. Cross training will increase your chances of success at Flex Events!

Be Smart

Training smart is one of the best ways to stay safe during your workouts. Recognize exercises that may be too advanced or could cause pain to an already injured muscle. It is important to build up your weight and never start at a high weight you have never tried before. You can always add weight if you feel you need to. Pushing yourself is an important part of getting stronger but pushing yourself too hard could result in irreversible injuries.

Listen to your Body

Although many people do not like to admit it, rest and recovery are essential to working out. Without allowing proper time to recover, your body will not properly repair the tissue that was put under stress during your workout. By giving your body no rest, you are only hurting your body and muscles. Resting also replenishes your muscle glycogen, giving you your energy back!

Avoiding injury is something that should always be on the mind of our athletes. We hope you train smart and we can’t wait to see you at our Flex Events coming up soon! Sign up and start training!

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