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Benefits of a Workout Buddy

Benefits of a Workout Buddy
Finding the motivation to get up and go to the gym is challenging for a lot of athletes. Some days we really can’t get ourselves out of bed and into an intense workout routine. That’s where your workout buddy comes in. Training for an event like Flex on the Beach is a difficult process and you need someone to keep you accountable. Training with a workout buddy has more benefits than you think.

They Keep You Accountable

On the days when you really don’t want to get up and go to the gym, your workout buddy is there to remind you to stay focused and motivated. The guilt of making your friend go to the gym alone can be a great motivator.

Friendly Competition

Having a buddy with you at the gym can spark some competition. This can make you push yourself a little harder to keep up with them. You’d hate to be the friend who can do less push-ups. However, a word of caution: don’t let this competition get unhealthy. Your workout buddy could soon be your enemy.


Working out with a friend can make sure that you are working out in the safest way possible. They are there in case you get injured and can spot you on exercises that require heavy weights. Running early mornings alone can also be a dangerous activity, but your buddy is always there to keep you safe.

Someone to Celebrate With

Working towards a common goal with your workout buddy will push you harder and make you feel even more accomplished when you achieve it. Teamwork is a necessary skill but it also makes your achievements even more special. Since Flex on the Beach is a team event, training with you team up until the event will increase your chances of success!

With Flex on the Beach coming up before you know it, it’s time to round up your buddies and make a team. Register and start training with your buddies! We’ll see you on September 14th in Long Beach, New York!

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