Flex Events

Burn Division Workouts

Event 1

“Waterfalls on Ze Beach”

20 Minutes Time Cap:
100 Jump Rope Singles
50 Plate Thrusters (45/25)
50 Sit Ups
50 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25)
100 Jump Rope Singles

The Waterfall:
The workout is a waterfall chipper and begins with one athlete performing 100 Jump Rope singles. Once complete, they can move onto 50 thrusters with a plate, the second athlete can then begin their 100 jump rope singles. This is a waterfall style event in which all four athletes follow one another through all five movements.

The workout is complete one all four athletes complete the entire workout.
There is a 20 minute time cap.


Event 2A + 2B

“Bonnie and Clyde BURN Down the Beach”

Workout Bonnie
9min AMRAP
Two teammates will divide up the following:
40 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (53/35)
40 Goblet Squats (53/35)
80 Jump Lunges

2 minute rest

Workout Clyde
9min AMRAP
Partners will alternate after completing an entire round
14 Russian Kettlebell Swings (35/25)
7 Burpees over the bell

How It Works:
In a 9 minute time clock, both tandems will take on two separate workouts.

Tandem A will start with Workout Bonnie. They can divide the work up however they see fit. Only one partner can work at a time. They will perform as many rounds and reps of 40KB SDHP, 40 Goblet Squats, and 80 Jump Lunges. The score is for total team rounds and reps.

Tandem B will start on Workout Clyde. Only one partner can’t work at a time. They must complete one full round of 14 Russian Kettlebell swings and seven burps over the bell before tagging their partner in. The score is for total team rounds and reps.

After the conclusion of the 9 minutes, there will be a 2 minute rest- they will then switch workouts and perform them in the same fashion. They will pick up where their partners left off. Score is total combined number of rounds and reps completed for each workout.


Event 3

“The Baywatch Sprint”
For time
4 Rounds
400 meter Team Relay sprint on the sand

At the sound of the horn, one teammate will take off and run for 50 meters, they will then spring back to their team another 40 meters and hand the baton to the next teammate to runt he next one hundred meters in the same fashion.

All four team members will complete 4 rounds of a 100 meter sand sprint.

If the hand off of the baton is mishandled and it is dropped, the teammate must stop running and the entire team will have to complete a ten air squat penalty.


Event 4

“Sandbagging Beach Daze”
For time
20 minute time cap

Round 1
Sandbag team run (40/20)
40 Synco sandbag alternating lunges
100 knees to chest

Round 2
Will start with another team run. All four members will run together.
They will divide up the 40 synchronized lunges however they see fit. They will then divide up the 100 hand release push ups, with only one person working at a time.

Round 3
The last and final round will begin again with a team run. They will divide up the 40 synchronized lunges however they see fit. They will then divide up the 100 box jump overs or step overs. Only one person can work at a time.

The sandbags must remain off the floor while teams are working. Two people must hold the sandbags at all times. The sandbags can be put down, however teams must stop working until the sandbags are back off the ground again. There will be two sandbags. 40lbs and 20lbs. This workout is for time.

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