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Flex On the Beach/FAQ

Can I change my team members, team name, and team division once I register?
Yes, yes, and yes!
How many workouts are there?
There are three workouts per event, plus a final round for the top qualifying teams.
What if I can’t do pull-ups?
The scaled division doesn’t require that all team members be able to do pull-ups, typically if one or more of your athletes can do them your team will be just fine.
How long is the day?
Registration usually starts at about 8am and the last barbell in the final drops around 6pm.
Do I get an awesome t-shirt?
Yes- and it’s fit to size. When your captain registers, he or she will select your size!
What if it rains at an outdoor venue?
We schedule all of our events on Saturday with a raindate of sunday, if it rains both days, you get wet on Sunday.

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