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The Minimum Requirements for FOM2018 are here!

FLEX HQ holds the right to change or alter all workouts to meet safety and logistical expectations. Movements may not be in the finalized versions of events. Please choose the division that best meets your abilities as an athlete. You may change divisions prior to the event. Master divisions will complete with the same standards and loads as the RX division. Masters are 35 and up.


RX / Master Divisions

  • Deadlift or Axle Bar DL 225/155
  • Hang Power Snatch 95/65
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch 53/35
  • One Legged Pistol Squat
  • Box Jump Over 30/24
  • Chest to Bar Pull Ups


Scaled Division

  • Deadlift or Axle Bar DL 185/135
  • Hang Power Snatch 65/45
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch 35/26
  • Single Arm Overhead Lunch with Kettlebell 35/26
  • Box Jump Over 24/20 (May Step)
  • Knees to Elbows



“Clang and Bang Some Thangs!”

Let’s Go:
FLEX 1 is the individual effort towards the greater good of the team. Here each member will have to step up to the platform and perform as an individual while the other three teammates support and coach them on. You will only get three attempts per athlete. Strategize and make them count. This one is on you to step up and clang and bang for the team!

Each partner will get 3 attempts.

2 Hang Cleans + 2 Front Squats + 2 Shoulder to Overhead
Score is the combined total of all 4 teammates heaviest successful lifts.

Workout Description
The complex will start with two hang cleans. Any style on the clean will be allowed. From there the individual will have to perform two front squats, followed by two shoulder to overhead lifts. Any style on the shoulder to overhead will be allowed.

That is a total of 6 reps to be completed.

Flex 1 Rules
1. Any style is permitted on the Clean so long as it is from the hang position. (Nothing below the knee)
2. The second Clean will not be counted toward the first front squat if it is “squat cleaned” The athlete must still perform two separate front squats.
3. During the second front squat, the athlete must come to a full stand and show control at the top of the movement. The athlete will not be allowed to “thruster” the first shoulder to overhead.
4. If the athlete drops the bar at any point of the lift it will be considered a no lift and it will count towards one of the attempts.
5. Each athlete will get 3 attempts. The score will be taken from their heaviest successful lift out of the 3.



“Fran & Elizabeth Vs. The Serpent”

Let’s Go:
FLEX 2 combines all four temmates to work together as one single unit. All four teammates will be asked to contribute, communicate, and perform as they take on The Serpent! This is the long game: stretch your breathing, show off your gymnastics, and get down and dirty with an awkward object.

This is the ultimate team event that will either make you or break you.

The workout starts with:
A team Run buy in: distance unknown

From there, they will then complete:
40 Serpent Thursters (70/50)
80 C2B Pull-Ups

40 Serpent Cleans
80 Ring Dips

32 Serpent Thursters
60 C2B Pull-Ups

32 Serpent Cleans
60 Ring Dips

20 Serpent Thrusters
40 C2B Pull-Ups

20 Serpent Cleans
40 Ring Dips

The workout will finish with a Serepent relay run cash out: distance TBD. This workout is for time.

Workout Description
The workout will begin with all four teammates sprinting for a buy in. Once they return they then pick-up the Serpent and begin with 40 Serpent Thrusters. The team can divide up the work however they see fit. Once they complete the Thrusters, they will advanced to the 80 chest to bar pull-ups. Only one partner will be allowed to work on the gymnasitcs at a time- the team can still divide up the work in any fashion.

The team will advance through the workout. Once all the work is complete they will then relay run with the Serpent as a cash out. Distance will be provided at athlete briefing.

Serpent: A double-interlocked sandbag system. The male side will weight 70lbs, the female side will weigh 50lbs.

Flex 2 Rules
1. There must always be a male and female combination on the Serpent.
2. The Serpent must be off the ground at all times. If the team rest the Serpent on the ground, all work must stop until the Serpent is back off the floor again.
3. Only 1 partner can perform the gymnastics portion at a time. The work can be divided however the team sees fit.

Scale Division
Serpents are the same for all teams.
Chest to bar pull-ups will scale with Knees to Chest
Ring dips will scale with hand-release push ups.

Masters will be allowed to perform chest over bar pull-ups over chest to bar, and hand-release push-ups over ring dips.

Knees will rise above hip level and heels must come behind athlete on the down portion of each rep.


“Rumble on the Lawn”

Let’s Go:
FLEX3 will combine two team members to work together. The goal is to maximize each duo’s performance for the totality of the teams’ success. The women will pair up as will the men. They will tackle two separate workouts at the same time. The Axle bars will be awkward, the hang Power Snatches will be light and fast. This is your burner!

Combo up and get ready to Rumble!

The workout:
The women will begin with:
10 Synchronized Burpees
20 Axle Bar Deadlifts (225/155)
30 Alternating Pistols
*Divide up the rest of the work however the team sees fit. Only one partner works at a time minus the synco burpees.

Scale Division
Pistols: single arm overhead lunges with kettlebell (25/35)
Axle bar DL (185/135)

The men will begin with:
8 Min Ladder
Alternating rounds of
Hang power snatches (95/65)
Box Jump Overs (30/24)
Parents will Alternate Rounds

Partner must complete entire round before tagging partner in. They will look to climb up the ladder by three reps until the 8 minutes are complete.

Scale Division
Hang Power Snatch (65/45)
Box Jump Overs (24/20) can also step over

Master Division
Will complete the workout in the same fashion as the RX division.

There will be a two minute rest period.

At Minute 10, tandems will switch workouts and begin FLEX 3A and 3B from the beginning. This event will be scored for Rounds and reps and will be scored as two separate events.

Flex 3 Description
The workout will begin with female tandem taking on 3A and the men taking on 3B simultaneously. They will look to perform as many rounds as possible in the 8 minutes window. At the 8 minute mark there will be a two minute rest.

During which time teams will flip/flop workouts. They are responsible for making sure the correct weights are on the bars. At minute ten the workout will begin again with the female combo taking on 3B while the men take on 3A.

The workout will be for Rounds and Reps.

3A Rules
Teams can divide up the work however they see fit. During the synchronized burpees they will have to work together. Only one partner can work at a time during the other portion.

3B Rules
One partner must complete all the required reps per round before tagging out. 3 Power Snatches plus 3 Box Jump overs. Each round will increase by 3 reps per movement.

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