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Flex on the Mall 2018 Flex3

Event 3

“Rumble on the Lawn”

Let’s Go:
FLEX3 will combine two team members to work together. The goal is to maximize each duo’s performance for the totality of the teams’ success. The women will pair up as will the men. They will tackle two separate workouts at the same time. The Axle bars will be awkward, the hang Power Snatches will be light and fast. This is your burner!

Combo up and get ready to Rumble!

The workout:
The women will begin with:
10 Synchronized Burpees
20 Axle Bar Deadlifts (225/155)
30 Alternating Pistols
*Divide up the rest of the work however the team sees fit. Only one partner works at a time minus the synco burpees.

Scale Division
Pistols: single arm overhead lunges with kettlebell (25/35)
Axle bar DL (185/135)

The men will begin with:
8 Min Ladder
Alternating rounds of
Hang power snatches (95/65)
Box Jump Overs (30/24)
Parents will Alternate Rounds

Partner must complete entire round before tagging partner in. They will look to climb up the ladder by three reps until the 8 minutes are complete.

Scale Division
Hang Power Snatch (65/45)
Box Jump Overs (24/20) can also step over

Master Division
Will complete the workout in the same fashion as the RX division.

There will be a two minute rest period.

At Minute 10, tandems will switch workouts and begin FLEX 3A and 3B from the beginning. This event will be scored for Rounds and reps and will be scored as two separate events.

Flex 3 Description
The workout will begin with female tandem taking on 3A and the men taking on 3B simultaneously. They will look to perform as many rounds as possible in the 8 minutes window. At the 8 minute mark there will be a two minute rest.

During which time teams will flip/flop workouts. They are responsible for making sure the correct weights are on the bars. At minute ten the workout will begin again with the female combo taking on 3B while the men take on 3A.

The workout will be for Rounds and Reps.

3A Rules
Teams can divide up the work however they see fit. During the synchronized burpees they will have to work together. Only one partner can work at a time during the other portion.

3B Rules
One partner must complete all the required reps per round before tagging out. 3 Power Snatches plus 3 Box Jump overs. Each round will increase by 3 reps per movement.

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