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Flex on the Beach WOD #4

Event 4

Workout 4 will be two 7 min AMRAPs with female/female and male/male pairs. One pair will work in a you go, I go fashion alternating 1 round at a time. Amrap A is 7 deadlifts (225/155) and 7 burpees over bar. At the same time the other pair will be working on Amrap B which is 7 KB snatches(53/35) (R), 7 KB snatches (L), and 14 jumping lunges. There will be a 2 min break and the pairs will switch and complete the other Amrap.

This workout will follow the same format as Rx.
Amrap A is 7 deadlifts(185/135) and 7 burpees over bar.
Amrap B is 7 KB snatches(35/26) (R), 7 KB snatches (L), and 14 reverse goblet lunges.

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