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Get Flexy at Home!

We’re back with some more at home workouts for our Flex community to keep you moving through these times! 

6 sets – AMRAP 1
6 Clean & Jerks
6 Burpees
Rest 1 minute between sets

SCORE: Total reps for all 6 sets


Barbell: 115/75
Dumbbells: 50s/35s
Kettlebell: Swings @ 70/53



Barbell: 95/65
Dumbbells: 40s/25s
Kettlebell: Swings @ 53/35



Barbell: 75/55
Dumbbells: 30s/15s
Kettlebell: Swings @ 35/26


If you only have 1 dumbbell you can perform 6 alternating clean & jerks. If you don’t have any equipment, perform 6 alternating jumping lunges, or modify to 6 alternating reverse lunges if needed.

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