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Reasons to Sign Up for FLEX on the Mall

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Flex on the Mall will be back in town June 8th in our nation’s capital!  Last year was we had a great day where tons of flex-o-holics came out to show off their athleticism and their patriotism in a friendly competition.  This year, we look to match that same energy, and bring the heat even more!  We can only do so much to make the day as successful as it can be.  Its up to you guys to bring the positive vibes and create the environment that makes Flex on the Mall so special each year.  We couldn’t be more excited for another year of making gains and taking names!  Here are some reasons why you should join us this year in Washington D.C. for Flex on the Mall:

Team Comradery

At the Flex on the Mall competition, you get together teams of 4 people (2 male, 2 female).  You must work together to get through each WOD.  In this competition, there is no room for selfishness.  Although it is important to focus on your individual performance, at Flex on the Mall, each person must factor in the team aspect.  Cheer on your teammates so they can perform at their highest level, and they will cheer you on in return!

Patriotic Location

At Flex on the Mall, we consider this the most photogenic event in the history of freedom loving exercise.  Here you will have the privilege of being able to exercise your constitutional right to make gains in front of our national monuments.  We consider Flex on the Mall to be like a double-edged sword.  You have the chance to prove your strength in a friendly, competitive environment with the added perk of having an amazing view of the Washington D.C. monuments. 

Specific Divisions

At Flex on the Mall, there are different division based on your age or ability so that you are faced with similar competition to give you the best experience possible.  Our Rx and Masters division offer similar weight requirements, however our Masters division is for athletes aged 35 and up.  Our scaled division offers a more accommodating set of requirements.  We hope to create a welcoming environment for athletes with a range of abilities in hopes that everyone finds their place here. 

These are just a few of many reasons why you should register for this year’s Flex on the Mall in Washington D.C.  Each year we have tons of fun, while competing a high level and making serious gains.  The flex community is a very tight-knit environment and is welcoming to newcomers.  We would love for you to join and bring your fellow swolemates along.  Register for Flex on the Mall today at our nation’s capital and let’s get flexy!

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