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The Benefits of Foam Rolling

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Are you an athlete and are constantly feeling sore or tight? Investing in a foam roller might be the solution for you. Foam rolling consists of similar benefits to massage therapy however purchasing a foam roller is much more economically sound than regular massage therapy sessions. Foam rolling holds many benefits for athletes the biggest being myofascial release. The convenience of owning a foam roller allows athletes to improve their fitness and lower their risk of injury in the comfort of their own home.
Myofascial Release, what is it?

Myofascial release is the applied pressure of low-intensity forces to a muscle group over an extended period. This promotes blood and nutrient flow to the area being treated. It allows muscles to relax and allows them to perform with a fluid range of motion because of less internal rubbing. It ultimately allows us to feel looser and it prepares our body for exercise. It can increase your performance level as well as prevent injury moving forward.

What Are the Perks of Regular Foam Rolling?

Increased Blood Flow
Foam rolling promotes myofascial release, which stretches and loosens muscles. Blood is squeezed out and replaced with fresh blood by adding force to a specific muscle group through time.
With the transfer of new blood to a muscle group brings important nutrients such as glycogen and oxygen. As this blood flow increases it can lead to many beneficial health results.

Move Better

During a workout, your movements will be smoother, and you are less likely to pull or damage a muscle as foam rolling allows for better hydrated and looser muscles. It also allows your muscle to move past one another with less friction, which will put you into position for getting more out of your workout.

Elevated Range of Motion

Improved range of motion is a large advantage of foam rolling lubricated and properly stretched muscles. An enhanced range of motion leads to you getting more out of your workout and better performance in competition. With an improved range of motion, this increases flexibility as well.

Lowered Risk of Injury

Foam rolling promotes better circulation of blood and increases your range of motion. Myofascial release reduces your risk of injury by improving muscle coordination. In other words, the chances of performing an improper movement which would lead to injury are significantly decreased. In addition, in the event you do suffer an injury, foam rolling can aid in decreasing your recovery time.
So, What Are You Waiting For?

Foam rolling is a great way to improve your health and level of fitness in a cheap and easy way. It is important to engage in foam rolling before and after a workout. Before a workout, you are preparing your body for exercise through this dynamic stretch routine. After, a workout you are benefiting your body through foam rolling by washing away the lactic acid that builds after a hard workout. You quicken the recovery time and prevent yourself from experiencing injury in the future. Investing in a foam roller is smart for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and can benefit your performance greatly.

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