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Tips for Staying Calm During A Competition

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When you are competing, there are a million things going through your head.  You tend to doubt yourself, become intimidated by the competition, or question if your preparation was adequate to bring you success.  Your mental psyche can play a big role in how you perform on the big day, so it is important to keep a calm, clear and confident mind.  Follow some of the tips below to ensure your success at Flex on the Mall in Washington D.C. and Flex on the Beach in Long Beach, N.Y. this year.

Diffuse the pressure to win

By creating a “must win” mentality, this will add a lot of pressure on your mind.  This will create a high expectation that if not reached, you will end up feeling crushed in the end.  Go into each competition with the mindset that you will give it your all, and if your all is not enough, then you knew that you couldn’t have given any more.  Whether or not you achieve success, you will be more satisfied with your level of performance by putting less pressure on yourself. 

Get your mind off the event

The few minutes before your event are crucial in getting yourself into the correct mindset to succeed.  Performance errors occur from over-analyzing which is common just prior to the event.  If you can keep your mind occupied with other things in this crucial window of time, it can lead to a clear mind during competition.  An example is to listen to music and sing along with the lyrics or create a pre-competition ritual with teammates. 

Visualize Success

Visualization is a commonly used practice by athletes prior to competition to help themselves prepare.  This helps to increase your level of confidence, focus and goal achievement.  By meditating the mind, you can allow yourself to experience an effective imagery of the competition that you have spent so much time preparing for. 

This can help to relax the body and mind and allow you to create a realistic expectation that you wish to achieve.  This level of expectation you create can help to motivate you through the competition and push towards success.  Visualize yourself performing at your very best and reassure yourself that you have properly prepared to perform at a high level. 

Clear your mind so you can be your best

Feeling nervous and stressed is a completely normal response to the anticipation of competition.  You are not the only one who has butterflies leading up to the big moment you have been training for.  The most important thing to remember is that only you are in control of you.  You have no influence on the performance of those around you, the weather, who is watching, or other external stressors.  Just do your best, and that is all you should be focused on. 

With these tips in mind, we hope you can brush off the jitters and perform your very best on competition day!  Make sure you are ready to go for this year’s Flex on the Mall in Washington D.C. and Flex on the Beach in Long Beach, N.Y.!

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